Aarhus Robes

Produced while in residence at the ARoS Museum in Aarhus, Denmark, summer 2019.

I worked with recycled materials - sports garments and found objects - to create a new kind of formal wear. And by formal wear I mean garments that indicate importance.

These robes made official and sacred -- ritualized perhaps-- the contrasting experience of a creative process: How it can feel freeing & magical // selfish & useless; expansive & generative // also a waste of time & insular.

These PowerSuits honor and hold equal your negative thoughts AND your grand visions and goals.

Each piece displays proudly a disempowering emotion or thought; a corresponding accessory presents an affirming declaration:

  • Too Late / authentic
  • Waste of time / valuable
  • Useless / useful
  • Selfish / contribution
  • Unconscious / generous


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