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Aliya Bonar's interactive installations and events are exaggerated versions of vaguely familiar worlds. They invite viewers to step outside of reality and share beyond normal limitations and rules. Her work mixes silly and serious, universal and individual, domestic and public to produce hot-pink and glitter-encrusted business meetings and power suits.

The “PowerSuit”—a defining component of Bonar’s body of work—is a personal talisman, relating to your body and history. It is what your most courageous self wears, a reminder of your biggest dreams. Bonar has explored this concept through intergenerational intensive workshops and a Fashion District pop-up shop during NY Fashion Week 2013.

Aliya Bonar works within arts and community-building institutions to create radical opportunities for authentic connections including Creative Time, Flux Factory, Elsewhere Collaborative, The Wassaic Project, the Laundromat Project, and the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute. Her work has been featured in DNA Info, L Magazine, Art F City, and the New Yorker.

Aliya Bonar Artist Statement by Mary Rothlisberger:

aliya bonar is almost always having the best day of her life. she was born with a mary-poppins-like ability to pull the best ideas out of a bottomless carpetbag of her brain with the fashion and finesse of beachtown summertime sunset race to the water and be the first one to jump in. if you can grin,then you can bear it, and there's no frontier left uncharted for friends and fun and family. if radical cultural production is fueled by high-fives and starry eyes, then aliya bonar is the engine that always could and always can and always will. you're only one dance party away from making memories that last forever above all else and further more -- she flosses, almost every day.

Aliya Bonar Artist Statment by Sam Bonar:

Aliya Rose Bonar creates a space for her viewers to explore themselves and their relation to the everyday. She disrupts their routine and puts them where they've always thought they'd never be. After forcing them to question what's important or meaningless, Aliya creates a space for the viewer to move forward, free from a redundant past. She dances in the space of what's possible - what people have always wanted but could never see in themselves. She seeks to transform people into new selves: more free, radiant, and powerful. She is an artist inspired by you. You give life to the clothes she makes. You engage with the challenging spaces she creates. Your experience is what drives, exposes, and electrifies her.