Emo Func

“Emo-Func”: Four-Person Performance, 30 minutes, repeated twice.

Fed Galleries, KCAD, Grand Rapids, MI

June 9 - July 23, 2016

These costumes are Emotionally Functional - embodying the physical experience of day to day disempowering thoughts. This series explores what it is physically like to be the emotion "You Don't Understand Me" - what it feels like, what it moves like, how it interacts with other people. The costumes are humorous, exaggerated, and physically challenging perspectives on this very human experience. Thank you to our incredible performers: June 9, 2016: Alexis Brannan, Hannah Loss, Rachelle Wunderink, Aliya Bonar. Conducted by Alyssa Natoci. July 22, 2016: Alexis Brannan, Kenzie Cargill, Armando Rios, Ava Gumowski. Conducted by Alyssa Natoci. Special Thanks to Alyssa Natoci and Eliza Fernand.