Radical Fashionistas

RADICAL FASHIONISTAS: 8 part workshop series for young women ages 14-18 as part of the Eileen Fisher Leadership Institute, Irvington, NY.

July & August, 2012

In this series of workshops participants explore their "daily costume" -- the clothes they put on everyday and what character they are creating through that costume. We will challenge our assumptions of bodies and fashion, as well as teaching a new sewing lesson.

What is an element of your body that you absolutely love? What is an element/aspect that you hide or are ashamed of? How could we make garments or costumes to flaunt and show off the elements of our bodies and our character that we most want to present to the world? What is fashionable, beautiful, what do we enjoy wearing and why, who are we presenting ourselves as to the world?

Through experimental exercises using non-traditional materials, and then moving into actual designing and production of wearable costumes we will let go of the seriousness behind our daily fashions and explore what makes up the message and character you want to portray in the world.