storage tent


november 19, 2010
interactive installation inside of 10'x10' storage unit
10x10 Exhibition, Lake Worth Storage
curated by Kara Walker-Tome
Lake Worth, FL


You are invited to peek into the uncharted, the unknown, the never before seen world inhabited by stored items. Once left alone long enough, bored and lonely in a 10 x 10 cell, the stuff you store comes to life... and begins building its own world. What past are you storing, remembering, forever bringing with you to the next place? The tent is a patchwork-quilt landscape made from materials filled with memories. The Trophy Chandelier glitters with expired accomplishment. My childhood collections are on display for all to admire. The animals inside live within a maze of memories. All are being honored before they are ready to be discarded, making room for the next stories.

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